Credit Repair Nerds Are in the Head of the Class

Credit Repair
A good credit rating is more important now than previously, and the credit repair marketplace is booming because of it. Credit score improvement Nerds is leading the way.

Credit Repair
Scott Been, Owner/CEO of Credit restoration Nerds, recently sat down around for an interview to debate his successful business, which today is 40+ licensees strong and adding newbies every week. Been allows us to in on the techniques to his success and just how big he sees his business getting in the next five years.

What’s special about Credit restoration Nerds?

For starters, we're the only credit repair company expanding only at that pace. We are in a industry that is booming today due to the importance of credit. I always tell our clients and licensees you could barely wake up and have out of bed without someone pulling your credit. It is all totally credit-based nowadays, so our services are expected more than ever. Plus, it’s all web-driven. There isn’t an excuse for brick-and-mortar or office space. Software and technology allows us run this business from around the globe or poolside, sipping on margaritas.

What is the idea behind Credit Repair Nerds?

Originally, it turned out to grow our already successful business. It then turned into a pursuit to help our licensees build their very own businesses. We spend considerable time with our licensees, training the crooks to be a success in this industry. Plus return, they produce, which in returns grows our brand with a national level.

How does Credit Repair Nerds rival its competition?

Ah, we now have ZERO competition in this industry. We are the leaders and definately will continue to be the leaders from the credit repair business. As much as other franchise opportunities, well, I know don’t get into that. We all have a place in this country to develop a business and be successful. We just think that we have the minimum overhead of all industries right now. Over 95 percent individuals licensees work from home. You can’t beat that.

What can you look for in a potential licensee?

That’s easy, motivation and drive. Surprisingly, we don’t just let anyone join our company. You must be willing to listen and take instructions. The company plan is already a proven winner. You only need to duplicate it. There isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel.

Where does one see Credit Repair Nerds in five-years?

I love this question because that's how I run this provider. I’m never looking at today or tomorrow. Every move we make is to put us in the better position years from now. But, in five years, we should be 400+ licensees strong and growing since the industry changes.

Can you describe a typical day within the life of a Credit score improvement Nerds licensee?

Well, if they follow the business model, they’ll find themselves working about 10 hours per week, making a good six-figure salary. But, at first, there is a lot of training. Live webinars, one-on-one training, you name it. We have to do might know about have to do to get everyone up to speed.

What’s your background?

I’m Decade into the business now. Before that, I was slaving for corporate America, selling cars. I loved the auto business, but the hours wore thin and that i quit and started the corporation out of my one-bedroom apartment. To date, we are 34 licensees strong and adding sign ups every week. By the end of 2015, we should be around 75 licensees. And the crazy part is, we started licensing last March. So, in just three short months, we added 34 licensees.

What motivates one to keep going?

The fear of having a real job. That's my motivation. Each day I wake up remembering what it really was like investing in 60-70hrs a week selling cars and having nothing to show for this. I am so anti-corporate. To me, they are the enemy and i also run my business as such. I wake up with a chip on my shoulder i use that as fuel never to become lazy. Training and teaching new licensees the company is another aspect of what keeps me going. Every licensee has their particular learning curve. I really like trying to find that curve and to straighten it out. I have discovered myself becoming a professor or, as each of our licensees call me, a master. It’s fun building people up. Among the people I idolize, Mark Cuban, says, “We don’t build businesses, we build people the ones people build businesses.”

If you start again, what would you do differently?

Good question. I wouldn’t took so long! I should happen to be doing this five years ago, but because my father told me, “Son, you simply weren’t ready.” So, in addition to that, I wouldn’t have changed anything.

Please tell us your secret to success…

This can be going to sound weird, however i don’t look at myself as being a success yet. I have a look at people like Mark Cuban and strive to get to that level. Should i ever become a billionaire? Eh, probably not. But that won’t stop me from trying. I’m certain that question is better required to my licensees. They look up to me, so achievable, I guess I am successful. The day when others looked at me as a leader, I reckon that that would be considered successful. I must see others succeed, and if I can help them make it happen, then it’s a success.

Exactly what is the worst job you've ever had and what did you learn from it?

Hmm, employed by my father. He owned a building company. I hated slamming a hammer for any paycheck. I was coping with the Houston heat and humidity every day. I guess in the event that was my worst job, in hindsight, maybe it hasn’t been so bad in fact.

What is the one thing that really excites you?

Being able to walk into a Ferrari dealership and paying cash (wink wink). With a serious note, just growing the business. I am now 38 years of age and I’ve realized I’m not where I’m at today without some assistance. Being able to build the loan Repair Nerds business and also be it the right way in the industry full of scams is exactly what excites me. It could have taken longer than expected, on the other hand pushed through the walls.

Any final words for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Yes! Basically can build a business, so can you. I know that sounds so cliché, but I started this business broke. And when I mean nothing, What i'm saying is nothing. I quit the vehicle business, got on unemployment and rather than blowing my unemployment similar to folks do, I began my business. It was tough. I'd a hard time keeping the lights on and paying rent, but also in year three, I had been clearing six figures and following that, I put the throttle down. There was a lot of negative nellies along the way telling me I was nuts. I ignored them and surrounded myself to like-minded people. I pushed through. I didn’t give up. Did I have days or weeks where I thought it will all end? Heck yeah, however pushed through those thoughts and stayed focus on the bigger picture. Now, here I am! I can relate. Like Mr. Wonderful says, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, rich is best.” I know that sounds elitist, but it’s true. I tell my licensees, ‘Look, I’ve had the experience. I started from scratch. It is possible. You just have to block out your outside interference, inside a winning team and eat instruction. Once you allow you to ultimately do that, then it just all comes together. Before you know it, you control your local market and it’s off to the races.